JPCA prez kicks off City Council bid

JPCA prez kicks off City Council bid

Juniper Park Civic Association President Bob Holden is an outspoken, fiery community leader who isn’t just willing to fight for what he thinks is best for his neighborhood, he relishes doing so.

But he isn’t the one who makes decisions in his house, he says. That’s his wife, Amy.

So when it came time to choose whether he would run for City Council, Holden said it was up to the woman he called his soulmate at last Thursday’s Juniper Park Civic Association meeting.

And much to the joy of the approximately 100 people in attendance, Amy Holden gave her husband her blessing.

“My wife has been there for me every second, supporting me,” Bob Holden said with Amy at his side. “I’m going to do it only because she said I could do it.”

Two days after he exclusively revealed his electoral plans to the Chronicle, Holden officially declared he will run against Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley (D-Glendale) in September’s Democratic primary, with the news sparking a standing ovation and loud cheers.

“I didn’t want to just retire, sit home and get fat,” he said of his decision to leave his teaching job at the New York City College of Technology and run for office. “I know how to fight and I’ve got great people around me.”

Holden wasted little time jumping into the differences between him and Crowley both politically and in terms of what he said were failures of the lawmaker within the district.

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